Bernardo Santos



Bernardo Santos is an Actor who hails from London. He was originally born in Lisbon, Portugal. He speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish fluently.


Bernardo has been on various Feature Films and TV Series such as Tomb Raider, Hunter Killer and The Crown Season 2.

Awarded Short Films like for instance Jimbo, Hired Swords And The Sucker Gun and Let's Plan A Holiday. 

Music Videos like Life is Hard, Broken Bond, Amazing and Christmas Everyday.


On Stage performing Macbeth as Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet as Mercutio, Rami in Merc loves Romeo and many more.


Documentaries such as "Secrets Of The SAS In Their Own Words" on Channel 5 playing one of the lead Soldiers, SAS Soldier Trak, "Britains Deadliest Lovers" on the Discovery Channel playing the lead character Hugo Quintas on Ep.6.


He won Most Promising Actor of the Year 2015 by StarCentral Magazine.












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Most Promising Actor of the Year for 2015: Bernardo Santos


The chance to inhabit the world of a wide variety of characters is what interests StarCentral’s Most Promising Actor of the Year for 2015, Bernardo Santos, about the film industry. He could be in the 1940’s, looking “all smart and appropriate for that year and a week later I could be filming a new sci-fi Film and I get to play a zombie and look horrible and have blood dripping out of my face…”.

It is high points like those that fuel Bernardo’s desire to remain in the entertainment industry. He hopes to one day act alongside Hollywood’s A-list stars, travel to other countries and meet many other people who are as passionate about the craft as he is. Fully supported by his family, who he hopes to one day “earn enough to actually help my family…for them to stop working and live a more relaxed life and enjoy themselves…” The road to the bright lights of stardom is only beginning for this promising thespian, Bernardo Santos.

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Jimbo - BFI Short film finalist



Synopsis: A caveman interrupts a photo shoot and finds out what women keep in their handbag.

Purpose: This film was produced for 'A Sense Of Humour' Elstree Film Design Competition 2016. The brief was to produce a short comedy film under 90 seconds in length.

Production: The 90 second short film was created over 10 weeks in the early Spring of 2016 in London. One of the challenges was finding a forest with bloomed trees. Unfortunately, most locations in London still had naked trees with no greenery. Luckily after visiting the 6th location we found the perfect spot to shoot!


Best Look

Best Sound

Best Actress - Pippa Harrison


Bernardo is opening as Rami in "Mercutio Loves Romeo"



MERCUTIO LOVES ROMEO - A romantic drama written and directed by Elizabeth Mienert.
A POP GUN PRODUCTIONS and CREATIVE MINDS LONDON collaboration, Starring Victoria Coker as Merc and Bernardo Santos as Rami.

New girl at the club, Merc, is reunited with her old flame Rami, but mistaking her for someone else, he is blissfully unaware of her secret transformation. Will all be revealed and will Merc get her man?

Mercutio Loves Romeo is an immersive theatre play, set in a bar in the heart of Kemptown and performed by an ethnically diverse cast, promenade style on location at The Latest Music Bar, 14-17 Manchester St, Brighton.

The play spotlights transgender issues, explores themes of love transcending cultural identity, sexuality & gender politics, and celebrates Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary through new work inspired by the play Romeo and Juliet.


The Latest Music Bar, 14-17 Manchester St, Brighton

Sunday 8th May 2016 19:30 (50min performance followed by 30min Q and A) £10 (£8),

Friday13th May 2016 19:00 (50min performance) £10 (£8),

Friday 3rd June 2016 18:30 (50min performance) £10 (£8),

Saturday 4th June 2016 20:00 (50min performance followed by warp party until 11.30pm) £12 (£10)

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Secrets of the SAS



Bernardo has recently finished filming a brand New Documentary Series for Channel 5 about the SAS Soldiers Bravo Two Zero where he played one of the lead Soldiers, SAS Soldier Trak.

This New Documentary Series is Directed by Gary Johnstone and will air on September the 5th at 9pm

on Channel 5.


Bernardo is featured on the new issue 26 of the

ACT Magazine 2016. 


Bernardo has recently been featured on the new issue of the ACT Magazine. The article states a few of the most recent projects that he has been in and also information about his personal life and his career as an Actos/Model.


You can read more here and also purchase yourself a copy.



Bernardo on Hunter Killer Feature Film




Bernardo has now finished filming a new Feature Film called Hunter Killer starring Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman and Directed by Donovan Marsh. 

Bernardo plays Andropov Guard Gomez.





Britains Deadliest lovers




Bernardo has been Cast in a Brand New Documentary Series called "Britains Deadliest Lovers" which will air on the Discovery Channel in 2016.

Britain’s Deadliest Lovers is a six part Docuseries that intercuts archive footage, reconstructions and interviews to tell the stories of people who were murdered by their partners.

Bernardo plays "Hugo Quintas", a Portuguese factory worker who cut his pregnant girlfriend's throat in a fit of jealous rage and then was convicted of her murder.




Let's plan a holiday

british safety council short film finalist 2017



“Risk is the topic of the Young Filmmakers Competition 2017,” says Matthew Holder, Head of Campaigns at the charity, “because risk is what we are all about at the British Safety Council. And not only us. All of us think about the risks involved in any decision, where life’s highs and lows stem from the risks we take that turn good or bad. Of course, we’re subject to many kinds of risk – whether terrorism, environmental or personal – that are outside our control.

“For many years, film has been an important medium for the British Safety Council to get safety messages across to the public and workers. We now want to ask the next generation of filmmakers what risk means to them. What are the stories or events that illustrate the risks they face today? From terrorism, climate change and migration to cyber bullying, risky substances and the mental health pressures of modern life, risk comes in many shapes and sizes. A perfect subject for film.”

Our group made a Film about Climate Change, Global Warming. There were 47 entries from all around the world and our Film made it to the Top 5.


bERNARDO Cast as a

police officer in the new tomb raider Feature Film



Bernardo has been cast in the new Feature Film, Tomb Raider which will hit the Cinemas in March 2018.

More information will be added soon...


Bernardo Santos

In The New Worcester Bosch Commercial 2017




Think you’re the UK’s best apprentice heating installer? 10 months, 10 challenges. Our latest competition will set those learning the trade a series of skill-based challenges, in a quest to be crowned the #WeAreWorcester Apprentice of the Year.

Bernardo's Interview for the local Newspaper in Lisbon, Portugal.




Bernardo was recently interviewed in Lisbon for 'Jornal De Noticias' about his Acting career and his new role on Tomb Raider.

He was asked many questions about how he became an Actor and what he looks forward to in his career.


The interview was in Portuguese but feel free to follow the link below to read the article and watch the video.